Wear OS 5 For Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is undergoing some tests


1/31/20241 min read

According to a report from 9To5Google, Samsung is actively working on a build of Android 14 for its next-generation Exynos chip for wearables. This is the same Exynos chip (internally codenamed Exynos 5535) that was leaked last week. Apparently, this build based on Android 14 is named Wear OS 5 in multiple locations. This means Wear OS 5 will be based on Android 14, bringing Wear OS in line with the latest version of Android that's available for smartwatches and tablets.

According to information viewed by 9to5Google, Samsung is actively working to support a build of Android 14 for its next-generation Galaxy Watch 7 chip (Exynos 5535, as reported last week). In multiple locations, this build is referred to as “Wear OS 5.”

Judging from the past few years, it’s likely that this summer’s Galaxy Watch 7 series will serve as the debut venue for Wear OS 5. It should be followed in the fall by the Pixel Watch 3, which 9to5Google recently reported may come in two sizes.

No significant details were shared about what to expect from the update to Wear OS 5. Following last year’s pattern, it’s likely we won’t learn more about the tentpoles of Wear OS 5 until after Google’s own Pixel Watch series undergoes the update. Broadly, it remains to be seen whether Wear OS 5 has any noticeable outward changes, as the jump from 3.5 to 4.0 could almost go unnoticed.

What’s notable is the timing of Wear OS 5’s appearance. In recent years, Wear OS has generally skipped Android versions, getting versions 9, 11, and 13. However, by preparing Android 14 for watches, it seems Google is looking to give wearables an annual update cycle rivaling smartphones.

Biggest improvement that is being under the way this year is the fluidity and smoothness of Wear OS that has been ignored for quite sometime. Hopefully we will see much smoother experience of Wear OS on Galaxy Watch 6 and also Galaxy Watch 7.