This is how much bezels are thinner on Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic


7/26/20231 min read

So Samsung recently announced the long awaited Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic, the later one having the physical rotating bezel. But do you know that Samsung has made bezels this years Galaxy Watch a lot thinner? Yes, now the bezels on Galaxy Watch 6 is around 30% thinner than Galaxy Watch 5 from last year while galaxy Watch 6 Classic has around 15% thinner bezels when compared to Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and Watch 4 Classic.

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic With 15% reduced bezels.

This is a significant upgrade over last years Galaxy Watch and overall it makes this years watch look sleeker and modern than before. Reduced bezel size comes with an advantage and that's the screen size. With reduced bezels now Galaxy Watch 6 44mm has 1.5 inch screen vs 1.4 on Galaxy Watch 5. In the same way Galaxy Watch 6 Classic 47mm has a 1.5 inch display which is also a bit bigger than last years 1.4 inch Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Plus a bonus thing is that these are the brightest displays Samsung has ever used in a smartwatch going up to 2000 nits in outdoor daylight.