These things got fixed and these didn’t with the latest S24 Update


2/23/20241 min read

Samsung's recent update for the Galaxy S24 series promises enhancements and bug fixes. However, user experiences vary, leaving some wondering if it's a step forward or a mixed bag. Let's delve into the good, the bad, and the lingering issues.

Shining Brighter:

  • Goodbye, washed-out photos! The high-pixel mode now delivers better balance in bright scenes, ensuring your memories capture the full vibrancy.

  • Control your color! A new slider in display settings lets you adjust screen vividness, catering to individual preferences.

  • Camera finesse: Portrait mode, Nightography, and rear video shooting see improvements, potentially elevating your content creation.

Still in the Shadows:

  • Battery blues persist: While stability improvements are mentioned, some users report no significant change in battery life.

  • Weird Grain: Many users who reported grain at low brightness are still reporting the same.

For a detailed info on this update you can check out the video above