Temperature checking app is coming to Galaxy Watch 6


7/20/20231 min read

Samsung has announced a new app that will be available for the Galaxy Watch 6 called Thermo Check. This app will allow users to measure the temperature of their surroundings, including meals and other objects. The app uses the infrared temperature sensor on the Galaxy Watch 6 to take contactless temperature readings.

The Thermo Check app is currently in beta testing, but it is expected to be released to the public soon. The app will be available for both the Galaxy Watch 6 and the Galaxy Watch 5 series.

Here are some of the limitations of the Thermo Check app:

  • The accuracy of the app may not be as good as a traditional thermometer.

  • The app cannot measure the temperature of objects that are not in direct contact with the watch.

  • The app is not intended to be used for medical purposes.

Overall, the Thermo Check app is a promising new tool for the Galaxy Watch 6. It is a convenient way to measure the temperature of your surroundings and your own body. However, it is important to note that the app is not perfect and should not be used for medical purposes.

Here are some tips for using the Thermo Check app:

  • Make sure that your watch is clean and dry before using the app.

  • Hold your watch steady when taking a temperature reading.

  • Avoid taking temperature readings in direct sunlight or in windy conditions.

  • If you are concerned about the accuracy of the app, you can use a traditional thermometer to verify the results.

The Thermo Check app is a great way to stay informed about your surroundings and your own health. It is a convenient and easy-to-use tool that can be used by people of all ages.