Samsung Should Add A New Processor For The Next Galaxy Watch


3/23/20232 min read

It's about time that Samsung should add a brand new SOC to their next Galaxy Watch. The last time Samsung updated this processor was back in 2021 with the launch of Galaxy Watch 4. It was the first Samsung smartwatch to use Exynos W920 chipset for Wear OS. But now with the passage of time and increased demand of certain apps and watch faces Samsung should be worried about the performance of this chipset.

It's not like this chipset has any flaws or issues but increased processing demand of apps has made it slow and laggy on Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. At least for my usage the experience is not fluid when I install a lot of watch faces and apps. Exynos W920 is a dual core processor clocked at 1.18 Ghz with Mali™-G68 MP2 GPU. It is based on 5nm process. One of the most impressive features of the Exynos W920 is its power efficiency. This chipset is designed to consume less power than its predecessors, allowing for longer battery life on smartwatches. This is a critical feature for smartwatch users who want to be able to wear their device all day without needing to constantly recharge it. It offers up to 1.5 times faster performance than the previous Exynos chipset, ensuring that smartwatch users can quickly and easily access their apps, notifications, and other features. This is particularly important for fitness enthusiasts who want to be able to track their workouts in real-time and view their progress on the go.

Despite its impressive specifications, users of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro have reported a gradual decrease in performance over time. This can manifest in various ways, such as lagging animations, slower app loading times, and reduced battery life. While this may not be a major issue at first, it can become increasingly frustrating as the device ages.

According to certain Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 users the experience after using this smartwatch after sometime isn't that much good. The watch becomes laggy and starts to slow down with basic tasks like installing and changing watch faces. Samsung might be aware of this issue and hopefully they are working on a new processor for upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

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