Samsung might be working on an Apple Watch Ultra competitor


4/14/20231 min read

One of the prototypes Samsung is testing out these days is having a 49mm display just like Apple Watch Ultra. According to some leaks this display has no rotating bezel, it's just the screen in a 49mm dial. If this is true then Samsung might be working on a true Apple Watch Ultra competitor. Apple Watch Ultra that came out in late 2022 was a different move from Apple focusing more on pro users. While Samsung almost did the same thing with their Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. But still it lacks few features that the Apple Watch Ultra is offering right now. For example true scuba diving reading, sirens, dedicated workout buttons etc.

Twitter user itynang further says that Galaxy Watch in this 49mm dial is still being tested, and Samsung might eventually won't be introducing this smartwatch later this year. Instead we will be seeing a more refined version of existing Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. So this will include a rotating mechanical bezel and further enhancements. Right now all we know is that there will be a bigger Samsung smartwatch this year with 1.47 inch display. Whether or not Samsung brings Apple Watch Ultra competitor it'll be still interesting to see what Samsung can do with a true Pro smartwatch.

Apple Watch Ultra With Its 49mm Dial