Samsung is soon going to push an update for VIVID mode


2/8/20241 min read

Samsung is set to address the lackluster "Vivid" display mode with a software update that not only fixes the issue but also empowers users with unprecedented control over vibrancy.

Early adopters reported the "Vivid" mode on the S24 falling short of its namesake, appearing somewhat muted compared to previous Samsung flagships. Recognizing this feedback, Samsung swiftly acknowledged the problem and promised a solution. Now, reliable sources, including tipster Ice Universe, reveal details of the upcoming fix.

The update will introduce a three-step toggle within the Advanced Settings of Vivid Mode. This allows users to fine-tune the level of saturation, offering:

  • Default Vivid: Exceeds the current "Vivid" mode's vibrancy, delivering a more saturated experience familiar to Samsung users.

  • Enhanced Vivid: Pushes the colors even further, mirroring the vividness of the S23 series.

  • Max Vivid: Goes beyond the usual Samsung "Vivid" setting, catering to users who crave the most intense color experience.

While an official release date hasn't been announced, reports suggest the update is imminent. Samsung's swift response demonstrates their commitment to addressing user concerns and providing the best possible experience for their customers.

What does this mean for you?

If you're an S24 owner yearning for that classic Samsung "Vivid" punch, get ready! The upcoming update promises to not only fix the initial issue but also grant you more control than ever before. So, sit tight, keep your software update notifications enabled, and prepare to be dazzled by your S24's newfound vibrancy.

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