Samsung is saying good bye to circular Galaxy Smartwatches


3/11/20241 min read

Samsung's mostly likely bringing back the squarish design for its Galaxy Watch. Some of you have followed its journey in the smartwatch market since 2013 when the Samsung Galaxy Gear was first launched. It had a 1.6-inch square-shaped Super AMOLED display, similar to other smartwatches of the era.

If you've gotten into Samsung smartwatches recently, you may only know the circular design that's become synonymous with the Galaxy Watch. While it has been very well received, it seems that Samsung's looking to shake things up again.

Samsung's recently announced Galaxy Fit 3 has a rectangular design

It would be similar to previous models like the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2 and Gear Live. Those models were launched well over a decade ago and have since been eclipsed by Samsung's circular smartwatches.

The Gear S2 was the first Samsung smartwatch with a circular design and a physical rotating bezel. Samsung has stuck with this design language ever since, with the current generation Galaxy Watch 5 models having the same circular design.

What's not known for sure at this point in time if this change back to the squarish design will be made sooner with the upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 series, or if Samsung's going to wait for another year before it makes such a major design change.

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