Samsung is likely to unveil Galaxy Watch 6 a bit earlier this year.


5/2/20231 min read

Samsung usually announces their products around Feb and August of every year. But according to some strong leaks Samsung is going to hold their next Unpacked Event a bit earlier hopefully in July this year. This Unpacked Event will unveil the next Galaxy Watch, Z Fold and Z Flip. Z Fold and Z flip are likely to have a similar design to what we have seen in the recent years but with Galaxy Watch 6 Samsung is going to change the design. Once again they are bringing back the rotating mechanical bezel back to the Galaxy Watch.

Galaxy Watch was a popular smartwatch from Samsung that had long awaited Wear OS and rotating bezel. It only had one draw back and that was the battery life which a bit low as compared to what users wanted from Samsung. Galaxy Watch 5 Pro solved that problem but once again it was missing out on rotating mechanical bezel. This year Samsung is bringing a faster chipset that is Exynos W980. This processor combined with a bit bigger battery will provide impressive results on the next Galaxy Watch. Apart from the rotating mechanical bezel and new Exynos W980 chipset we have no further information on what is going to be there from Samsung.