Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is now officially available.


7/26/20231 min read

Samsung unveiled its new smartwatch series at Galaxy Unpacked in Seoul, and the event marked the return of the Classic series. Indeed, the rotating physical bezel is back after a year of absence. The new Galaxy Watch 6 series includes a base model and the Classic variant. Similar hardware powers them, but a few differences exist between the two.

The most obvious dissimilarity is that the Classic has a physical rotating bezel, whereas the standard model has a virtual one. But unlike last year, when the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro boasted a few extra fitness features over the standard model, the overall experience between the Galaxy Watch 6 and Watch 6 Classic is technically the same.

Watch 6 Classic In Gorgeous silver Colour

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has a larger 43mm or 47mm case, whereas the standard Watch 6 comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes. But despite the Watch 6 Classic having a larger footprint, the circular screens are identical across both models.

In other words, the 40mm Watch 6 and 43mm Watch 6 Classic have 1.3-inch AMOLEDs with a 432 x 432/480 x 480 resolution. Likewise, the 44mm Watch 6 and 47mm Watch 6 Classic have 1.5-inch AMOLED panels with 432 x 432/480 x 480 pixels.

Lastly, there are some differences in the color palette (and likely the selection of wrist bands). The 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 comes in Graphite and Silver, whereas the 44mm model is available in Graphite and Gold. Meanwhile, Samsung gave the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic two color options, Black and Silver, and they’re shared between the 43mm and 47mm variants.