Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is a downgrade?


7/31/20231 min read

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are both great smartwatches, but there are a few key areas where the 5 Pro is a clear upgrade.

Battery life

The biggest difference between the two watches is battery life. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has a massive 590mAh battery, while the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has a 425mAh battery. This means that the 5 Pro can last up to 80 hours on a single charge, while the 6 Classic only lasts up to 40 hours.


The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is also made from more premium materials than the 6 Classic. The 5 Pro has a titanium body and a sapphire crystal display, while the 6 Classic has a stainless steel body but thankfully it also has a sapphire crystal glass protection. This makes the 5 Pro more durable and lightweight due to use of Titanium.


Both smartwatches have about the same features but Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has one extra feature that is absent with Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and that's the Route Tracking feature. With this feature you can use a pre-loaded GPX file to track a certain route in the absence of phone and LTE network. This is something like backtrack feature from Apple Watch Ultra.