Samsung Galaxy S24 first major updates becomes widely available


2/23/20241 min read

The wait is over! The first major software update for the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S24 series has landed, bringing much-needed improvements to two key areas: display and camera. While the S24 launched with impressive specs, it received some initial feedback regarding screen calibration and camera performance in certain scenarios.

This update, rolling out globally today, addresses those concerns directly. Let's dive into the details:

Display Gets Personal: One of the most exciting additions is the Vividness slider tucked away in the Advanced settings menu. This slider allows users to fine-tune the color vibrancy of their display, catering to individual preferences. Early reports suggest this feature significantly improves the viewing experience, providing a richer and more dynamic visual appeal.

Camera Captures Clarity: Samsung listened to user feedback regarding camera performance, particularly in areas like zoom, portrait mode, and low-light photography. The update delivers enhancements across all cameras, promising sharper zoomed-in shots, more natural-looking portraits, and improved image quality in challenging lighting conditions. While specific details remain under wraps, users are already sharing impressive results online, showcasing the update's effectiveness.

Update size is around 700 MB and now it is finally available in a lot number of countries from North America to Europe and Asia. If you haven’t got this update yet then make sure to check for updates by manually going into software update section of settings on your phone.

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