Official WhatsApp is now finally available for Galaxy Watch (Here's How To Install)

5/9/20231 min read

So finally the long awaited Official WhatsApp application for Wear OS is now available and it seems that right now its only working for latest Wear OS version like the one present on Galaxy Watch 4 and above. You can now install WhatsApp on your Galaxy Watch by becoming a BETA tester of WhatsApp and the process isn't much complicated. The WhatsApp app for Wear OS surprisingly works really well and it has an option of tiles too that can be handy for recent chats and yes of course you can see images and listen voice notes from on Galaxy Watch plus you can send a voice note directly from your watch too.

WhatsApp Tile On Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Here's a complete step by step guide for installing WhatsApp on your Galaxy Watch. You can always leave BETA program if you are not liking it.