Trying Out The Dynamic Island On A Samsung Galaxy


9/16/20220 min read

So after the much awaited hype iPhone 14 is available today. With iPhone 14 Pro series Apple announced the pill shaped cutout which Apple is calling as Dynamic Island. It is definitely something new that Apple is trying to attract new buyers. But is it really worth the upgrade? If you have an Android phone then don’t worry you can still try this Dynamic Island on your Android or Samsung Galaxy phone.

You have to install a third party app on your Android phone which is not yet available on Google Play store. It is present under the name of Dynamic Island. After installing application you can just adjust the position of your pill/hole that you want to see. After that it's ready to work. As of now it is only showing charging animation and bluetooth connectivity. Maybe in future we might see its expansion but right now it is what it is. Did you really liked this concept? Personally thinking it might be a gimmick or an animation fun for a lot of people. Let's see what future Android manufacturers come up after seeing Apple's implementation .