Dope Digital Design From Yosash Watch Faces

10/3/20221 min read

Yosash is back with yet another cool and dope design that you can check out on Google Play Store and Samsung Galaxy Store for both Watch 4/5 and Watch 3. It features a really nice looking minimal design which is easy to read and check. Further the watch face is full of information which is present on the right side of the watch face like step counter, calories burnt and heart rate monitor.

You can also change the color combinations with this watch face like background lines color and time color. It offers multiple vibrant colors that are easy to read. AOD mode has the same color which is present on the main watch face but it is dimmed down.

Watch Face is also up to 70% off for a limited time so grab it asap. Following is the link for limited FREE coupons (just for Galaxy Store) for Wear OS comment here to be selected as a lucky random winner.