Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 Is It Still Worth Buying? Yes And No


9/16/20222 min read

It's 2022 and smartwatches are a common thing nowadays. Considering this still a lot of people haven’t tried this gadget ever in their life. So if you’re the one who’s thinking to try out a smartwatch then maybe it's the right time to do so. Galaxy Watch Active 2 from Samsung was one of the best selling smartwatches for Android devices. Its compelling price and sleek design motivated a lot of people to jump on to the smartwatch lifestyle.

But here the main question is if you should try Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 in 2022 or not. As you know Samsung has already ended its development of in house watch software aka Tizen OS and moved on to Wear OS from Google. Considering this a lot of people a re confused whether they should spend on this watch or not. Well we have two answers to this question. If you are a person who likes to just check out time that too in different styles of watch faces along with notifications from phone then it’s a good deal for you. Also according to Samsung they will continue to support Tizen OS on Active 2 till 2023 so you still have 1 year of updates that you can get on your smartwatch.

Further the watch also offers decent battery life that lasts up to 2 days after a full charge and it even has ECG and Blood pressure monitoring sensor but they’ll only work if you are living in the list of approved countries for these health features.

Now coming on to those people who are willing to spend some extra money to get something new and different they should try Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 either classic or the regular one. The watch is full of new health features and even if those health features are not available in your region you can just enable them with the help of few easy steps.