Terra Mechanica Metal A Realistic Watch Face


10/27/2021 1 min read

Terra Mechanica Metal is a dope realistic watch face that you should not miss for your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. It is present on the Google Play Store for Wear OS and the best thing about this watch face is that you can try out all the different themes with this face within a single dial. You have to just single tap in the center of the watch face and that's it.

Plus you can also try out many shortcuts with this watch face like settings, alarm, calendar etc.

So don't miss out on this watch face. Further developer of this face has provided a lot of coupon codes that you use to grab this face for totally free. If you are seeing incompatible error on Goggle Play Store make sure to close all apps and then try again or just copy the link of the watch face and simply paste it in the web browser and install it from there.