New Update Over 660 Mb In Size Arrives For Samsung Galaxy Watch 4


2/9/20221 min read

New update for Samsung Galaxy Watch has started rolling out which is around 660 Mb in size. It has new Galaxy S22 based live watch faces, more customization option for existing watch faces, information about moisture loss and intake required after outdoor running exercises, support for interval training, heart rate and calories burnt are now visible on phone for safe cycling, set personal goals for your body composition analysis, tips on body composition, and much more. You can check out the following image for the update that has popped up on many users watch 4.

As this update has been out now you can expect it to arrive on your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 soon depending on your region. This new update still misses on the much awaited Google Assistant feature which Samsung says they are still working on and it will be out in the coming few months. Are you excited for this update or not?