Got Your Galaxy Watch 5? Change These Settings First


8/27/20221 min read

So you just got your Galaxy watch 5. These are the settings that you should consider changing first.

Enable Google Assistant

Now you can use Google Assistant on your Galaxy watch. But it is not enabled out of the box. To turn it on simply go to Google play store on your watch and scroll down. Choose my apps and update Google Assistant. After that it will be enabled on your watch. Just set it up and you're good to go.

Turn OFF Voice Wakeup

After setting up Google Assistant by default voice wake is turned on during the setup process. Voice wakeup is handy for a lot of people but it will drain battery life of your watch as the watch is continuously searching for voice wake up command. To turn it off go to settings. Scroll down and choose Google now tap on Assistant. Here you will see this first option just turn it off.

Check out more settings in the following video