Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 To Feature A New Sensor


3/12/20221 min read

Reports are suggesting that Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 will have a new sensor on board that will be able to monitor your body temperature from wrist. This is kinda same mechanism that is used by handheld temperature measuring devices like those used during pandemic. This will enable users to check their body temperature just by a single tap. Of course the accuracy of body temperature at that part of body isn’t much good but still it will give users an option to check their temperature.

Also the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 will have a similar mechanism to measure your body temperature. This will make wearable devices more packed with sensors and hopefully it will be able to diagnose certain ailments much before they become worse. What are your thoughts on addition of this new sensor will it impact the price of smartwatch or not? Well we have to just wait for Samsung's next unpacked event for the answer to this question.