Samsung Galaxy Watch 4!! End Of Wear Tizen OS??


9/16/20221 min read

Samsung could be about to release its latest generation of earbuds, the Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and a new Galaxy Watch 4 using the Wear OS according to code found in the most recent Galaxy Wearable APK. With the code name “berry” the Galaxy buds 2 are clearly defined separately to the existing Galaxy buds and Galaxy buds plus models and suggests they will be able to connect to multiple devices. The watch also appears with a codename of “newos” that refers to the new Wear OS.

The Galaxy buds plus were released in Feb 2020, while the Galaxy buds are now over two years old, released in March 2019. We expect the new Galaxy buds 2 to replace these two models and sit just below the Galaxy buds live and Galaxy buds pro true wireless earbuds.

Though Samsung started out using Android Wear, which became Wear OS, it has used its own Tizen platform for all of its watches since that initial Samsung Gear Live. Though the return to Wear OS has been mentioned before, this is the first real sign we have seen of it actually happening. Based on current models, it would make sense that this new model is either the Galaxy Watch 4 or the Galaxy Watch Active 4.

The code, first discovered by Android Police is in the most recent Galaxy Wearable APK, where earbuds with a code name of berry further revealed to be named Galaxy Buds2. Android Police freelance writer Max Weinbach further revealed on Twitter he had discovered the reference to Samsung Wearable/WearOS compatibility and the WearOS described as “newos” for the Galaxy Watch 4 / Watch Active 4.

While there has been no official word on any of this, Samsung is expected to launch a new smart watch in Q2 of this year, which could also see the Galaxy buds announced. This means we could see products as early as next month.