MD 267 A Premium Hybrid Face With A Refreshing Look


6/19/20211 min read

MD 267 is the latest design from one of the top notch creators on the Galaxy Store. Matteo Dini from MD WatchFaces has made yet another masterpiece for your Samsung Galaxy Watch. With its refreshing look and design the face has an additional new feature that is the day and night indicator present at the top. Whenever the day changes to night the indicator will also shift to a moon at the top of the watch face. This is really handy for those people who mostly stay indoor as it will give them a feel of outdoor environment. 

Further the watch face offers a ton of color options that you can choose just by double tapping on three major areas on the watch face that also includes changing the color of the digital time present on the right side of the watch face. 

In the end the developer has provided
limited coupon codes for technoproz users that you can get via the links down. As the coupon codes are limited and if they are sold out for your specific country you can still grab the face via developers buy one get one free offer which I think so is a great deal.