MD 269 A Classy Retro Face That You Must Try!


7/8/2021 1 min read

MD 269 is the latest design from the watch face master Matteo Dini. This time developer has done a phenomenal job with his recent creation. First of all we have a retro LCD in the center that displays the time with contrasty black digits which are super easy to read specially in the dark further the fonts used have a charming look.

All the information with this watch face is very clear and easy to read. And if we look at the always on display of this watch face it has a dark background to conserve your battery life and the time is still visible in a slightly white/grey color. To make things even more exciting the information displayed at the bottom with the bars is present in blue and red color even in the always on display mode. With the regular mode you can customize the colors with the bars at the bottom as well as the colors with the retro LCD can be changed.

Developer of the watch face has provided his coupon generator tool that you can check via the links below. For a lot of country the coupons might already have been sold out but you can drop your comment under the video on channel in order to get a chance to win a free coupon via giveaway (Only if coupon is not available for your country via the online generator tool)