Samsung Confirms 3 Years of Tizen Support


6/28/20211 min read

Samsung at recent MWC event confirmed new Wear OS features that they are bringing to the next wearable device. But sadly this update is not coming to any single previous Galaxy Watch based on Tizen OS. Instead Samsung has confirmed to support the smartwatches for up-to 3 years since their launch. date.

Keep in mind that Samsung's OG Galaxy Watch announced back in 2018 will not get 3 years of updates. It is only 3 years from the launch date of that particular device. For example the latest Galaxy Watch 3 announced in 2020 will get Tizen updates till 2023. A lot of users are frustrated from Samsung's this decision of limiting the update to just newest upcoming Galaxy Watch 4. The next wearable from Samsung will be announced on 3rd of August 2021 along with the Z Fold 3.