Yosash H345 A Classy Premium Face For Your Samsung Watch


7/12/2021 1 min read

Yosash H345 is the latest design from the developer that is focused on a minimal look with its ability to change background data. Yes you can hide or show the digital time present at the bottom of the watch face and give it a cleaner look. 

Further you can customize the colors with this watch face as well just by double tapping at the center. It offers some really good solid colors which makes the watch face a bit more premium. My favorite combination is the blackout one in which I hide or show the digital time at the bottom while the overall aesthetics of watch face are in a darker color. 

In the last developer has provided limited coupon codes for this watch face that you can try via the link in the description. If coupons for your specific country are sold out you can still grab this watch face at a 50% OFF offer which is valid for a limited time. So HURRY UP!