Tic Watch Pro 3 Vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3


9/16/20224 min read

I'm going to compare the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 up against the Tic Watch Pro 3 from Mobvoi both of them are latest smart watches from their respective companies. And first of all, I'm doing a boot up speed test to see if there is any performance difference between the two. By the way, they Tic Watch 3 is first in the world to use Snapdragon view. 4100, series chipset while, on the Galaxy watch 3 we have a two-year-old Dual core exynos processor. Both of them have 8 gigabytes of storage and one gigabyte of RAM. So let's see how much will these to perform as this 4100 series chipset is about 80% faster than previous 3100 series chipset.

Here, the
Galaxy watched 3 started first, and just behind it we have the Tic watch. I think it is a very slight difference and can be neglected, considering both of them are running on different operating systems. So my comparison will consist of build quality, hardware, software features, price and in the last, I will give my personal opinion, so talking about the build quality, the Galaxy watch 3 has a stainless steel build with glass on the back and the leather band comes by default in the Box on the Tic watch 3 we have this metallic and plastic build with matte finish on the back which is good. If you want a lightweight watch on your wrist. You have to just place the magnetic charger on the back and it will start charging. On the Galaxy watch 3 you have to place it on the charging cradle so it's fully wireless charging. Now, moving to the front here, display on both of these smart, watches is excellent on the Galaxy watch 3. We have a 1.4 inch 360 by 360 AMOLED display which is sharp and bright. But on the Tic Watch, we have even sharper 454 by 454 retina AMOLED display. It also has a separate display just above it, which is actually a TF panel and it is extremely power efficient.

Mobvoi claims that in extended mode display, can provide up to
45 days of steps heart rate, sleep, monitoring data and time as well, that is just amazing. Galaxy watch 3 has a similar watch only mode as well. But it only shows the time by pressing the power key and this mode will last for about 17 to 20 days with no heart rate steps and sleep data on the Tic watch, you can still use the regular always on display mode, just like the Galaxy watch 3 by going into the settings and then in display here, toggle on the always on display. Battery on the Tic Watch is massive. It is having a 595 mAh battery as compared to the 340 mAh battery on the Galaxy watch 3. Don't get me wrong, but I have used Fossil generation 5 and Battery on that thing was a disaster here on this watch. I'm easily getting three days of battery life, which is on par with Mobvoi's claim of 72 hours. This is because the watch is now using more power efficient chipset.

On the Galaxy Watch 3 I'm getting about
two days of battery life with normal usage. So battery life is really a plus point for the Tic Watch watch. Watch band on the Galaxy watch 3 by default is a leather band while on the Tic watch we have a rubber band that has embedded thread so it feels like a leather band. I'll prefer this rubber band any day because for workouts, this will not absorb any kind of sweat, moving on to the software and features it is quite different on both of these smart watches. On the Galaxy watch 3, we have a Tizen operating system while on the Tic Watch we have Google's Wear operating system, which is little bit tweaked with Mobvoi's own UI and I'm liking it a lot, I'll tell you why. First of all, we have the lifesaver Google assistant on the watch, which is super fast. I use it all the time to set alarm to set reminders and sometimes just for fun, like, sing a song for me. Bixby, on the other hand on the Galaxy watch tree is really painful to use it, is slow. It is time-consuming. And sometimes it doesn't work at all. The second thing I like about this operating system is the availability of quality apps on the store. The Galaxy store is fine for watch faces, but for applications, it is not enough. We have a lot of quality apps like messenger, telegram, a Accu weather Nike Run and even official Google Maps on Wear OS.

So definitely it's up to you which operating system you want. Now, talking about health features, the Galaxy what 3 has blood oxygen blood pressure, and ECG feature, but it is available in a limited amount of countries The Tic Watch on the other hand has basic workout sensors, but this time Mobvoi has added blood oxygen sensor on this watch and I have set it to measure automatically in the background while on the Galaxy 3 we have to manually check the spo2 level. I would suggest Samsung to add automatic background reading on the Galaxy watch for spo2, so it can provide me with useful data even when I'm taking a nap like here on Tic Watch, it has recorded my blood oxygen during sleep. Now, moving on to the price Tic watch, as of now is available for $299 while the Galaxy Watch 3 is available for about $430. So if you want to save a bit of money and water, feature pack, smart, watch, I'll suggest you to go with Tic Watch. It's great battery, life. And secondary display will not disappoint you if you're on a trip or away from a charger for a while. And in the last, my final verdict is that if you are a Samsung guy, looking for a premium smartwatch in the market to match with your Samsung phone, then just go with the Galaxy watch 3. But if you want a feature packed watch with rich notifications and amazing battery life than just go with the Tic watch for to $299 as compared to the $430 on the Galaxy watch 3 for the 45mm model.