Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Biggest Update Since Launch


9/16/20222 min read

Samsung galaxy S21 Ultra just received it's monthly security update. I have a Snapdragon S21 Ultra which received the updated just yesterday in April. Samsung is getting so much good with updates.

So what's new with the update? It's about 1100 mb in size and it mostly focuses on device stability and camera improvements. With April update my device was working fine but it had some lag specially with the camera but now after the recent update camera is much smoother and also the animation of the One Ui has been significantly improved. This thing was also pointed out by ice universe on Twitter where he was demonstrating the smoothness of animations with One Ui 3.1

Samsung is constantly trying to improve the experience of One Ui on its device and with the latest update S21 Ultra has improved a lot. Still a lot of people are complaining about the heating issue with the device specially when using the camera I myself tested this thing with April update and the phone heated a lot but after recent update the device still heats up while using the camera but I think so the severity of the issue has been reduced significantly.

If you have a galaxy s21 ultra then do let me know if anything has improved for you or not. Also coming on to the last thing with the update Samsung has improved the file sharing between galaxy using quick share. As sometimes the device wasn’t able to send a file successfully but with the recent update it has been fixed and now you can share files between Samsung Galaxy devices super easily.

About the battery life I'll let you guys know pretty soon after using the device for sometime. Now with this May update Microsoft Swift Key has also been added in the list of available keyboards in the settings. 

So guys this was all about the recent update on Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra do share your experience either you have a Snapdragon or Exynos device. We will try to figure what has improve and what has worsened.