Samsung's Pro Shield!! A Rival To Apple's Ceramic Shield?


9/16/20222 min read

Samsung seems to intend to make its folding telephones significantly more robust and durable than before. Some time ago, it was discovered by a leakster that a trademark of Samsung Electronics for the name ' Armor Frame ', which seems to indicate that Samsung is working on a stronger smartphone frame. Presumably intended for the foldable smartphone models expected in the second half of 2021, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 .

On April 27, 2021, Samsung Electronics filed with the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO) for the name 'Pro-Shield'. The trademark is categorized as Class 9, with the description: 'smartphones; smartphone frames; smartwatches; smartwatch frames'.

Again, a clear mention is made of a smartphone frame, just as was the case with Armor Frame. However, it remains unknown how Pro-Shield compares to the Armor Frame. Perhaps it concerns an extra layer that should make the frame more robust, in order to make the device extra scratch and fall resistant. It could therefore be a kind of counterpart to Ceramic Shield, which was introduced by Apple at the time of the iPhone 12 series.

In any case, it does not seem to be a case or cover, but to become part of the fixed frame. 'Cases' are named separately in a trademark application, this time, however, only a 'frame' is mentioned.

Remarkably enough, the smartwatch category is also mentioned this time. It is possible that Samsung also wants to apply the frame technology that is under development for its wearable line-up.

It is in line with expectations that Samsung will announce a new smartwatch in the second half of 2021, in the form of a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. This is expected to be the first smartwatch from Samsung to run on the Google Wear OS, instead from Tizen.

Its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 3 , was announced in August. It is certainly not inconceivable that the Watch 4 will be released simultaneously with the Galaxy S21 FE . A month earlier, in July, the two foldable smartphones from Samsung are already expected.

Samsung seems to want to pay extra attention this year to the durability of its foldable smartphones, with the emphasis undoubtedly on the more expensive Galaxy Z Fold 3. Last year, Samsung applied UTG technology for the first time , an ultra-thin layer of glass that covers the screen. extra scratch resistant. This time, Samsung seems to intend to adjust and improve the entire frame.

In the coming months, more will undoubtedly become clear about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 folding phones.