Wear OS Is Finally Making It's Way To Samsung's Next Galaxy Watch


5/13/20212 min read

According to Korean Media it has been confirmed that Samsung's Next Galaxy Watch will run Google's Wear OS instead of the Tizen OS which Samsung used to ship their smartwatches with. A lot of people are concerned whether it's a good move or not as Wear OS from Google was notorious for the stuttering Ui it had and poor battery life. But recently if you have seen or used the Tic Watch Pro 3 from Mobvoi things have changed a lot. With the new Wear 4100 Series chipset which is about 80% faster than its predecessor now the Ui on the watch is so much better. Taking about the battery life it is also on par with Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 at least its the case with the Tic Watch Pro 3 which has a massive 595 mAh battery capacity and a secondary display which is a tf panel.

Tic Watch Pro 3 With Multiple Official Apps

Why Samsung is choosing this path of Wear OS when their own in house established Tizen was performing good and people were satisfied from it. According to news from insider Samsung is worried about the poor app compatibility offered by the Tizen OS. A lot of official apps are not available on this platform like Google Maps, Telegram, Fb Messenger and many more. On the other hand the popularity of Apple watch is also attributed to the wide support and availability of apps on the App Store. Samsung therefore is shifting to Wear OS as it will make the platform a bit more popular thanks to Samsung's loyal smartwatch users. As the watch from Samsung with Wear OS will attract many customers therefore developers will also continue to make apps for the Wear OS platform. For Example Kakao is a widely used messenger app in South Korea but it is not available on Tizen OS or even Wear OS but it was recently made available for the Watch OS by Apple. That is really a heart breaking news for Samsung in their own hometown. What do you think will Samsung can make a strong comeback with Wear OS on their smartwatches or it will be a big mistake from the Korean giant? Either ways let's hope for a better future for Samsung Wearable devices as they provide the best experience of smartwatch with Android phones specially.

The smartwatch is expected to come in August along with the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Both Active 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 are coming this time. The Active 4 will come in 39mm and 43mm while the Galaxy Watch 4 will come in 41mm and 45mm models.