Tic Watch Pro 3 Get's Major HMR2 Update


9/16/20222 min read

The Tic Watch Pro 3 GPS version was recently updated to the latest software from Google. The update is based on Wear OS HMR2 and the firmware version is PMRB.210407.001. The update was rolled out in a phased manner and every Tic Watch Pro 3 GPS version should get this update by April 24th 2021.


So coming on to the main point what's new with this update.


First of all we now we have the option to disable long press power button that was previously used to activate the Google assistant. That’s a minor change in my opinion and I use this feature a lot so I'm not going to disable this power key to activate the google assistant. Also I still think the Google assistant on Wear OS is not as great as it should be like why it is still hiding the text part regarding a specific information that I want to see. Sometimes you don’t prefer the sound and you want to see the text instead. Please Google fix it

Next on the list we have a new layout for the screen brightness previously we had the slider to change the brightness but now we have this simpler way to increase or decrease the brightness. Moving on to the next point we have a  feature that I think is just copied from the Samsung Galaxy Watch and it’s the theater mode. Its pretty simple to activate it you have to just swipe down the quick settings panel and here and here turn on this bottom left option now watch is in theater mode. It will simply disable the touch to wake option and also now the watch will not turn on the display with wrist gesture movements. And to turn it off just press the power key and turn off that bottom left option. So that’s it.



Also with this new update we have updated and fresh look of the weather tile that I'm liking a lot. Let me know if you prefer this style of the weather tile or the previous one. Finally talking about the last feature Mobvoi has also added an automatic essential mode that you can set according to the time. For for example previously  watch switched to essential mode when the battery level was below 5% but now you can set a time to automatically turn on essential mode and also it will turn off automatically. I think the best use for this case is while going to sleep you want to switch to essential mode so you wake up in the morning with a bit more battery. So these were some of the main new features with this HMR2 update now coming on to the optimization and basic improvement to already present features we have better off body detection the Mobvoi launcher is optimized and now it feels a bit smoother and some bug fixes.


In the last the overall performance of the wear 4100 series chipset has been improved which means we can see a bit better battery life with this new update. Overall it's a solid watch with good battery life and solid performance thanks to Wear 4100 Series Chipset. Minor improvments are required in Wear OS to polish the user experience.