Flowx Weather App For Android


9/16/20221 min read

Flowx Weather Map Forecast  is an Android app that allows you to overlay weather information such as rainfall and temperature on a map in layers and swipe to see changes over time. It is said that it is an application that can use abundant weather data for free and can intuitively see the change of weather etc. while swiping forward and backward of the change of time, so it is installed immediately I tried to defeat it. 

Flowx utilizes forecasts models from government and private agencies and plots them out on maps. Two are available for free — NOAA GFS and CMC GDPS runs — while up to 16 more can be had upon annual subscription.

Flowx's maps have eight layers: precipitation, satellite, temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed, wave heights, wind circulation, and wave circulation. The top third of the screen features temperature, wind speed, and precip trends on one graph and temperature difference trends on the other. You can scroll the graphs to track hourly conditions for the next 6 days with stats appearing on a narrow band at the top of the map.

There are three annual subscription tiers: at the $5 level, users get a 10-day forecast range, extra map layers, and customizable graphs; $10 a year will get you four more models, and; $15 gets you all the rest.