Fossil Gen 5 Tips And Tricks


9/16/20222 min read

These are the 5 cool things that you can try out with you're fossil gen 5 smartwatch.

The number one thing that I wanna talk about is the screen on time. So after 5 Seconds of inactivity the screen goes black, this is a problem with the Wear OS operating system itself. There is no option in the settings and you can change. Many people require a bit more time to read the additional information on the watch face but sadly there is no built-in setting to increase the screen on time so you have to download a third-party application from the Play Store on the watch, just go to the Play Store in the menu and here search for stay lit for wear OS. Here, just select your desired screen on time and you're good to go.

Wear OS smart watches or not much in great in terms of battery life. And I have figured out some settings that I've searched from internet and reddit that at least provided me better battery life of up to one and a half day without charge. So, you can also use these settings as well. First of all, going to the settings and make sure always on display is turned off and now go back and click gestures. So in gestures, you have to turn off touch to wake and also turn off wrist gestures. Also, I recommend you to turn off the Wi-Fi connectivity as well, but still you'll be able to use the Google Assistant via the internet from bluetooth.

For the last setting, just going to general and now
turn off auto launch Media control. So this will help to improve battery life on your Fossil Generation 5. Fossil generation 5 has 3 physical buttons, and you can customize them as well for some handy shortcuts. So to customize them go into the settings. Here swipe down to personalization and click customize hardware buttons, so you can assign your favorite application to top, right and bottom right button and long pressing the middle button, cannot be customized as it is fixed for Google Assistant.

Wear OS has these widgets that they are calling as
tiles so you can add more tiles, just long press any tile and click add. And further, you can also change the position of the tiles by the small buttons at the bottom.

Last thing is related to health and fitness, delete the
cardiogram application from this watch. It is not much accurate and also consumes battery. So, to track heart rate, you have to go into the Google Fit application in the menu. And here's a scroll down to settings. And now select background heart, rate and turn it on by default it is turned off. So now it will monitor your heart rate throughout the day and it is also battery friendly. I hope you guys liked all the tips and tricks mentioned.