Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Will Not Have Glucose Sensor At Least This Year


9/16/20221 min read

According to Korean Media Samsung's next Galaxy Watch 4 series will not have a blood glucose monitor. Initial leaks suggested Samsung is working on a non-invasive method of taking blood glucose reading which was only possible by a sensor underneath the watch.

But according to latest news this year's Samsung Galaxy Watch will not have this feature at least the technology to be used in the smartwatch from Samsung is not prepared yet. This feature could be a major selling point for Samsung wearable devices as across the globe a lot of people are suffering from diabetes. Meanwhile Apple is also working on a similar technology where the watch can detect blood glucose and alcohol levels just with the help of a sensor. While there is no confirmation that Apple's next smartwatch could debut with this feature.

What you think about it? Is blood glucose monitoring a major feature and will you rely on this non-invasive reading of blood glucose? Personally I was excited for this feature as it could change the way smartwatches are used.