Got You're Galaxy Watch Active 2? Change These Setting's


9/16/20223 min read

Watch Active 2 from Samsung is a great lightweight smartwatch. Consider changing these settings first after you have just received your watch.

First of all, let's move on to the display. It has a high resolution OLED display that save a  lot of battery life for you If you use a darker or black watch face for example, I have this watch face my style, it is a very bright watch face here battery utilization is maximum so I will use a bit darker watch face to conserve the battery life like any dark analog or digital watch face.

Next thing is related to display as well
you have to use a balanced brightness on you're watch for a good battery life. For example, I keep it between five and six and also auto low brightness is turned on, it will automatically increase the brightness in direct sunlight. Moving on to the second thing it is regarding background apps. So if you have a lot of apps running in the background, it will use a bit more battery, you can kill the background apps by two methods, first you can go into the menu here press the circle icon and just close all the apps. The other method is also very simple it is via double pressing the home button. And here, you can easily kill all the apps. And in order to use this shortcut just go into settings. Here select advanced now choose double press home key. Then select recent apps. You can directly kill the app wherever you are in the watch.

Next thing I want to mention is what's going on icon that you will see at the bottom of the watch face. For example, if you're working out or you're in good night mode, the watch will show this little icon at the bottom, some people like it and some people don't, you can just click this icon and go to that activity directly. In order to control this icon, you just go into the settings here, select, watch faces and now scroll down to ongoing icon. I have turned it on.

The most cool thing regarding the
Galaxy watch Active 2 is the touch bezel. It is by default turned off. So, in order to turn it on, just go into the settings here, go to advanced and select the bezel in, turn it on. And now you can use this bezel without any problem.

Some people are annoyed from moving all the way through the menu, to reach their
favorite apps. But now you can use your favorite apps just by a single click on home button. So go into the settings here scroll down to App order and choose most recent first. Now, you will only see those apps on the first page of the menu that you use the most.

So every time a notification comes on your watch it, vibrates and this vibration has two modes, just go into the settings here. So cool down to sound and vibration and now move to
vibration intensity. Select a lighter vibration in this way it will conserve a bit more battery life for you guys. Whenever you're watch is disconnected from your phone, it shows this little icon at the top, which sometimes can be annoying. So, in order to hide it, just go into the settings here, select watch faces now, scroll down all the way to show status and turn it off.

Next handy tip is regarding
NFC. Many people don't use it. So if you are the one who don't use NFC, just turn it off in order to conserve your battery life. Also in the connection, make sure Wi-Fi is turned off as it will consume less battery.

With Active 2 you can measure your
heart rate continuously but it will definitely consume more battery life to get the right balance. Just go to the Samsung Health in the menu. Here scroll down to heart and click settings and choose measure your heart rate, every 10 minutes.

So, Guys, these were the top settings that you should consider after you got your Galaxy watch active to, in order to get a better experience.