3C certification reveals Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 will come with 25W charger


9/16/20221 min read

New details about Samsung’s next folding flagship have emerged, this time from the 3C certification site. A listing matching the supposed technical model number of the Galaxy Z Fold3 reveals that the folding device will come included with a 25W fast charger. The included adapter has the model number EP-TA800 and is the same one that comes included with the Galaxy Z Fold2.

Though the charger included is rated for 25W, it isn’t implausible that the phone itself could support faster charging speeds when using another compatible adapter - this is out of pure speculation.

It was previously revealed by the same certification site that the Z Fold3 would arrive with a combined battery capacity of 4,275 mAh (2,215 mAh + 2,060 mAh) which may be advertised as 4,400 mAh. The Z Fold 3’s battery is made up of two individual battery cells.

Up to this point, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is rumored to be powered by the Snapdragon 888 chipset. The phone’s displays are expected to receive an update: the external one’s size may be reduced to 5.4” from 6.23” with the same aspect ratio and the internal display may measure in at 7.5". Water resistance, S Pen support, and a new generation of Ultra Thin Glass are expected to arrive with the Z Fold3.