New Skimming Feature For Samsung Gallery App


Samsung recently updated their gallery application and this update brings a pretty neat feature that I think a lot of users will use. First of all lets check out the changelog of this update. As indicated in Samsung's What's NEW Section they are calling it as detail view. Which means you can now skim through videos instead of opening up the player and it definitely saves a lot of time if you want to have a quick look at the video.

So the opening up the gallery app here if we have a video it doesn’t matter either it’s from camera or it’s a movie we can see a strip at the bottom of our application just above the gallery tools. And if you click on this strip it will expand
showing the whole timeline of the video now you can easily skim through the video and its quite smooth as well.

Also one new thing I have discovered in the gallery application I exactly don’t know when this was added to the app. But if you click on this edit button at the bottom here if I select the crop option now you can freely change the aspect ratio of the video previously it was locked to 16:9 but now you can crop videos to vertical horizontal or any desired aspect ratio. So this is a pretty great feature in my opinion and it makes the stock gallery application a bit more useful as well.

But talking about the skimming feature its present on iPhone for quite some time here there is no tap to extend the strip option simply the video is extended as a whole at the bottom and you can skim back and forth.

Im really happy Samsung added this feature to their gallery application now we don’t have to rely on 3rd party apps for better photo and video viewing experience.
Also let me know in the if the crop feature Is new for you as well because previously it was locked to 16:9 but now we have the option to crop the videos freely.