Its 2024 and Good Lock is still not available in many countries but thankfully there’s a workaround

2/18/20241 min read

For Android power users with Samsung Galaxy devices, Good Lock is a treasure trove of customization options. From tweaking the lock screen to overhauling the user interface, it empowers users to truly make their phone their own. However, there's a catch: this playground of personalization remains locked away for users in numerous countries.

Launched in 2016, Good Lock initially served a limited selection of regions. While the list has grown over time, it still excludes a significant portion of the global Samsung user base. This disparity leaves many wondering: why is Good Lock unavailable in their country, and will it ever reach them?

The lack of Good Lock access leads to understandable frustration among excluded users. Some resort to workarounds like changing their Galaxy Store region using VPNs, a practice not officially supported by Samsung but works without any problem. This highlights the strong desire for broader availability. You can checkout the video above for a step by step guide on how to change region in 2024 to get Good Lock from Galaxy Store.

Get Good Lock In Any Country