It seems people just want a bigger battery, physical bezel and smooth Ui


5/7/20231 min read

According to a survey most of the smartwatch users want a bigger battery, physical bezel and smooth ui on the next Galaxy Watch without caring much about health sensors and features like ECG and BP. We are just few months away from the next galaxy Watch aka Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. Samsung is indeed bringing back the physical rotating bezel but what about a smooth ui?

Galaxy Watch 4 with a physical bezel

Keeping this feedback in mind Samsung has already bought back the rotating bezel with the next Galaxy Watch. But still we are not sure about battery life and capacities. Samsung went on steroids with the Galaxy Watch 5 PRO as it packed a huge 572mAh battery. We have to wait a bit more to see what's Samsung cooking for next Galaxy Watch.

About Ui smoothness it has been already confirmed that the next Gen Galaxy Watch will have a new processor and it will be called as Exynos W980. Hopefully with this new processor and One Ui 5 Samsung will do wonders with smoothness and overall stability of next Gen Galaxy Watch. What are your thoughts? And do you really care about ECG and BP features in a smartwatch?