Here's your first look at the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic in Silver.


6/17/20232 min read

Leaked Images of Galaxy Watch 6 Reveal Return of Rotating Bezel

Newly leaked images of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 have revealed that the smartwatch will feature a rotating bezel, a popular feature that was absent from the Galaxy Watch 5 series.

The leaked images, which were shared by MySmartPrice and OnLeaks, show the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic in black and silver. The smartwatch has a round display with a slightly curved edge, and it is flanked by two buttons on the right side. The rotating bezel is also visible in the images, and it appears to be made of metal.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic might be available in other colors. The smartwatch is rumored to have a 1.47-inch display, and it is expected to be powered by the Exynos W980 chipset.

The return of the rotating bezel is a welcome change for many Galaxy Watch fans. The bezel was a popular feature on previous Galaxy Watch models, and it allowed users to navigate the smartwatch's interface more easily. The bezel is also a more tactile way to interact with the smartwatch, which can be helpful when the screen is wet or dirty.

Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

Galaxy Watch 6

6 Classic with rotating mechanical bezel

As you can see that there is striking similarity between the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Although the bezel on Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is a bit narrow when compared to Galaxy Watch 4. What are your thoughts on this new watch from Samsung?

4 Classic with rotating mechanical bezel