Here's the pricing for upcoming Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 series.


6/20/20231 min read

he Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is expected to be released later this year, and there is already some speculation about its pricing. Based on the rumors and leaks that have surfaced so far, it seems likely that the Watch 6 will be priced similarly to the Galaxy Watch 5 series.

Samsung plans to sell the Galaxy Watch 6 in two sizes and color variants. The 40mm model will be available in Graphite and Cream, while the 44mm will have a Graphite or Silver finish. Here’s what they’ll cost:

  • 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 (Bluetooth): €319

  • 40mm Galaxy Watch 6 (LTE): €369

  • 44mm Galaxy Watch 6 (Bluetooth): €349

  • 44mm Galaxy Watch 6 (LTE): €399

While this was the pricing for Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Watch 6 without any rotating bezel and here's the pricing for the classic models with rotating mechanical bezel.

  • 43mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (Bluetooth): €419

  • 43mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (LTE): €469

  • 47mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (Bluetooth): €449

  • 47mm Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (LTE): $499

This shows that the prices are somehow similar to last years Galaxy Watch 5 series but keep in mind that prices are subject to change from region to region and many countries will have some amazing trade-in deals that you can avail to get the next Galaxy Watch.