Grain issue with S24 display still persists but there's a workaround

2/24/20241 min read

The recently released Samsung Galaxy S24 series has been generating headlines, not just for its impressive features, but also for a concerning display issue reported by a significant number of users. This issue manifests as a grainy appearance, particularly noticeable in low-light conditions and when viewing content with dark backgrounds.

What is the Grain Issue?

Users describe the graininess as a texture or static overlay on the display, especially evident in dark grays and blacks. This can be distracting and detract from the overall viewing experience. While some users report the issue being minor, others find it significantly impacting their enjoyment of the phone.

New S24 series update what’s fixed and whats not?

You should return your Galaxy S24 if the issue still persists, there is no justification for keeping such an expensive phone with this major hardware defect. Adjusting display settings such as brightness and color temperature might offer temporary mitigation. For that you have to go to settings on your phone then choose display and select screen mode. Here you have to tap on advanced settings and try using a cool color temperature and see if the issue still persists at low brightness or not.