Got your Galaxy Watch 6? Change these settings first.


8/24/20231 min read

You can customize buttons on your Galaxy Watch. But make sure you have selected the right options for them. For example long pressing the home key turns on Google Assistant. While pressing this key opens recent apps. You can close all the apps at once and in this way battery life will be conserved on your galaxy watch. to remap these keys simply go to settings and choose advanced features. here tap on customize buttons and under press and hold choose assitant while for back key you can choose recent apps.

If you find trouble reading any text on this small screen. You can triple tap on display to magnify. And now you can easily ready anything on screen. To enable this to to settings scroll down and choose accessibility. Tap on visibility enhancements and choose magnification just turn it on. Now whenever you will triple tap on display it will be magnified. And you can use two fingers to scroll across display. You can check even more settings from the following video.