Galaxy Wearable App finally gets fixed after a massive bug


1/11/20241 min read

Galaxy Watch owners, prepare for frustration. An increasing number of users are reporting random crashes within the Galaxy Wearable app, the central hub for managing their smartwatch experience. These crashes are disrupting everything from checking notifications to customizing watch faces, leaving users stranded in a digital wasteland.

Symptoms of the Crash:

  • The app unexpectedly closes when opened or while in use.

  • Freezing and unresponsive behavior within the app.

  • Difficulty connecting or maintaining a connection with the Galaxy Watch.

But finally Samsung has addressed this issue and now users can use galaxy Wearable App without any lag or disconnection. Thanks to a new update to Galaxy Watch plugin on Google Play store this bug has been addressed.

Make sure you have got this Plugin update on your phone. If not then check out the following video for more details.