Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is now confirmed thanks to this trusted source.

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4/6/20231 min read

This year's most anticipated smartwatch the Galaxy Watch 6 just got another leak and this time it's from a trusted source. So Samsung removed physical mechanical bezel with the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 PRO. This infuriated a lot of die hard Samsung fans. Rotating mechanical bezel is really a signature Samsung Galaxy Watch feature that customers just can’t let go that easily.

Ice Universe from Twitter has now confirmed the presence of Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic with rotating mechanical bezel and this time Samsung is also going to increase the screen resolution as well as size of this smartwatch. It is now confirmed by once again the same source that this new smartwatch will be equipped with a 1.47 inch display as compared to 1.4 inch display on Galaxy Watch 5 PRO and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. It is definitely a small difference, but it makes a big impact on such a small device. Users will definitely notice a difference in day to day usage with that big screen.

Keep in mind that this big display will be only offered for the biggest high end model of Galaxy Watch 6. There will be regular and smaller version of Galaxy Watch 6 for those people who have small and dainty wrists.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic With a 1.4 Inch Display