Galaxy Watch 5 Pro gets a new update with April security patch and enables skin temperature sensor


4/20/20231 min read

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro has recently received a new update that has enabled a skin temperature sensor and several other features. This update is a significant development that enhances the device's capabilities and provides more useful health data to users.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 largely shares the same internals as the Watch 4 with only some minor tweaks. As for the Pro model, it packs the same internals, albeit in a rugged chassis that can take on any terrain possible. And thanks to the larger chassis, it also packs a bigger battery allowing it to provide multi-day battery life. Both these smartwatches also pack an IR-based temperature sensor, but it has remained inactive so far. Eight months since the Galaxy Watch 5 series went on sale, Samsung is finally activating the wearable's temperature sensor, but it may not benefit you.

In the same way Samsung Health sensor also gets an update to utilize the skin temperature sensor feature. But keep in mind that this new temperature sensor will only work to track ovulation in women. It cannot give any kind of active skin temperature reading at the moment.

Update size is about 316 Mb in size and it also comes with April security patch. It should be available soon for your region, if it is not available make sure you have checked manually for updates by going into settings>Software Update>Download Updates.