Galaxy AI is also coming to Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches


2/23/20241 min read

TM Roh, Samsung MX CEO and President, penned an editorial and said the company wants to bring Galaxy AI features to its future wearable devices. It plans to use AI to enhance digital health and “unlock a whole new era of expanded, intelligent health experiences.” He said that Samsung will collaborate with industry-leading AI partners to bring improvements to all its products in the future. While the company didn't reveal much about those upcoming features, those features may debut with the upcoming Galaxy Ring and the Galaxy Watch 7 series, which are expected to be unveiled in the second half of this year. Both upcoming wearables could be launched in Q3 2024 alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and the Galaxy Z Fold 6 at the next Galaxy Unpacked event.

Galaxy Watch Straps

It's impressive to see the evolution of Samsung's Galaxy Watches in terms of fitness and health tracking features, as well as the switch to Wear OS and the integration of AI capabilities. Partnering with universities and firms shows a commitment to improving the performance and reliability of their smartwatches through research and collaboration.

The transition to Wear OS likely expanded the ecosystem of apps and integrations available to users, enhancing the overall user experience. Moreover, leveraging AI to analyze the data collected by Galaxy Watches can provide users with valuable insights into their health and fitness metrics, enabling them to make informed decisions about their well-being.

Overall, these advancements suggest that Samsung is striving to offer more comprehensive and effective wearable technology solutions to its customers, catering to their evolving needs and expectations in the realm of health and fitness tracking.