Finally The AOD MODE Brightness Slider Is Back On S23


4/2/20241 min read

Good News for Galaxy S23 Users: AOD Brightness Control Returns with Good Lock

Samsung Galaxy S23 owners who were disappointed by the removal of the Always-on Display (AOD) brightness slider in a recent update can rejoice. Samsung has brought the feature back, this time as a handy module within its Good Lock customization suite.

Why the Change?

The initial removal of the AOD brightness slider was likely a battery-saving measure. AOD, while convenient, can subtly drain battery life over time, especially if set to a high brightness level.

Good Lock to the Rescue

Samsung understands that customization matters to users. Good Lock, a powerful set of tools for tweaking the look and feel of your Galaxy device, now offers a dedicated module to restore granular control over your AOD's brightness.