Don't forget to try out these free watch faces.


8/6/20231 min read

So weekend is here and you are looking for some cool free watch faces for your Galaxy Watch, then don't miss out on these faces. Starting off with the first face this is a minimal one available for free for a limited time and it is MiniMini2 from Google Play Store.

MiniMini2 On GW4

Next on the list is a really cool looking realistic face that you shouldn’t miss out and this is from a well known developer Ballozi. The face is called Skynox on Google Play Store.

Ballozi Skynox

Next if you are looking for an extremely minimal face then try out VS75 from Google Play Store. This watch face offers a pitch black background that has just the battery information in the background and digital time. You can download it for free from Google Play Store.


Last face on the list is from MD and it has plenty of information in the background. This is MD266 available on Google Play Store. Check it out and if you want any more information you can check out the following video which has links too.